Well, it looks like I'm going to be having my first piece that's running in a Place That People Actually Read soon, so I'm a bit over the moon. One day, I'll look back on it and wonder what in the hell I was doing, but for now, I'm feeling ambitious. 

By some parts passion and many parts necessity, I'm actually going to try to make it as A Writer. The plan right now is straightforward: use this first piece as proof of concept to convince more and more editors that I can turn around something salable and of substance. In the meanwhile, I'll be engaging in the awful postmodern necessity of building A Brand, but I'm not the sort of person who ever wants to be in front of my writing. Ideally, if this all works out as intended, my name won't conjure a face to most people, but rather evoke some sort of niche or approach when it comes to writing about techno-culture, queer shit, left politics, or discovering ways to move the spirit inside of all three. That being said, if you want to become a spectator to my necessary spectacle, you can follow me on Twitter at @me_ruzicka or sign up for e-mail updates for this blog here. All my published work will be linked to here for posterity's sake, and I have some ideas for weirder, harder to sell stuff that might need to find a home here before I can start getting paid for it.

Hopefully, I won't eat shit on all this. But if I don't, I'd be glad to have you along for the ride.

If We Will Not Be Given Space, We’ll Carve It Out of Yours

This came out of a breakneck writing process a few days after the election, wherein I decided that I was the only one who I could trust to write the cover story I would want to see after such a calamity for our local version of the Village Voice. My politics and general outlook have evolved since that moment – I’m much more of a vulgar materialist and dirty Marxist now, and have a different view of the nature and scope of the election – but this is still something I’m quite proud of, if only because you can trace a clear line from this to who I am today.